17 April 2014

KGB Woolly Egg Hunt Map

This year's KGB Woolly Egg Hunt will be running from the 18th April 2014.

Are you ready to hunt the Woolly bundles of fun in the KGB Woolly Egg Hunt 2014? Well...here's a peep at some previously classified information. It's just a guide. You'll still have to use your best eagle eyed eyeballs to find them all, as there's many more eggs out in the wild, at least for as long as the more light fingered folk of Birstall can keep their cheeky mitts off them!  To make sure that you have a good chance of seeing an egg or two, we will be putting some eggs safely behind various windows belonging to good local businesses, so that we can guarantee that there will be something for you to find.

We'll call every individual egg picture an entry to the competition and the winners will be chosen on the 27th April 2014 by a random number generator.

When you spot an egg (or other Easter icon) then please take a photo and upload it to Twitter mentioning @KGB_123 & using the tag #kgbegghunt or sent to troutmaskblog@gmail.com

You could win...
1st Prize: A giant chocolate Easter Egg Donated by Flexpress  
2nd Prize: A handmade Charlie Dog Donated by Little Bird SOS
3rd Prize: Delicious cupcakes Donated by Little Red Hen

and a bonus Prize: Some fab soap & a sunflower growing kit from Soaps by Charlotte

We also enjoy the continued support of the wonderful Little Bird SOS in all areas of this venture and Flexpress in giving us a very good price for printing for the third year running.

Important Message to Egg Hunters:
This is Guerilla Knitting.  The KGB participate voluntarily and we hope to make you smile.  However, please hunt your eggs responsibly as your own participation is also voluntary and at your own risk.

Here's a map...please click on it to see it all.

View KGB Woolly Egg Hunt Easter 2014 in a larger map

outdoors The Purple Myrtle Tree
indoors Windmill Avenue Shops
indoors Hannah Parade shops
outdoors School Lane Playground
indoors Went Road shops
indoors Kingsgate Avenue Shops
outdoors Greengate Cemetery
outdoors & indoors Birstall Library
outdoors Birstall Methodist Church
outdoors Birstall Garden Centre
outdoors Vets
outdoors Birstall Parish Council Offices
outdoors Flexpress This location is a smidge approximate. Sponsor of the Woolly Egg Hunt
outdoors Rainbows Nursery
outdoors Wanlip Preschool
outdoors Highcliffe Primary School and Acorns Under Fives Preschool and Toddler Group
outdoors Riverside Primary School
outdoors Stonehill High School
indoors  RT's Friend of the Woolly Egg Hunt and provider of delicious food.
outdoors Telephone Exchange
outdoors New Hallam Fields Playground Location is very approximate!
outdoors Greengate Allotments
outdoors Birstall Parish Church
indoors Wanlip Avenue Shops
indoors Lambourne Road shops

6 April 2014

C'mon - make an Egg. It makes people smile!

Woolly Egg Hunt Collection Points

Once again, we'll be installing eggs around the village of Birstall, both in friendly shops and in outdoor guerilla locations.  Members of the public are encouraged to seek out the woolly eggs and take photos of their finds.

Sooo, we need lots of woolly eggs, whether knitting, crocheted, woven or felted.  Let your imagination go wild! 

Here's some patterns to get you started.  Mainly eggs is best, but if you would like to turn out a small chick or bunny wabbitt, that's fine too.


Knitted Easter Egg Patterns by Little Cotton Rabbits
Easter Bunny by Craftbits


Easter Egg Crochet pattern by Easy Makes Me Happy
Amigurumi Easter Eggs by Jane Blogs

Eggs can be left in one of two collection boxes in Birstall at:


 Birstall Methodist Church Cafe, which is open each weekday morning from 10-12am, gently serving drinks and home made cakes. 

RT's on The Meadway, Birstall, where delicious meals, coffee and the most wicked cakes on earth can the consumed with glee.
We'll place the eggs in all areas of the village and - time and energy permitting - our immediately surrounding areas on the 17th April, ready for the hunt over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend.

We hope you'll join in with us.

Deadline: 15th April 2014 (for eggs to be included in photocall)

Installation date:  17th April 2014 (daytime and evening help much appreciated in order to cover the village)

19 December 2013

Kindness moves in mysterious ways

As mentioned in our previous post, there's been trouble at t'mill, but the KGB have been shown kindness from a most unexpected source - the Birstall Methodist Church. In true Christmassy style they have offered the homeless wrap sanctuary outside their church where its pockets are joyously filled with items for a delicious Christmas Dinner, complete with a vegetarian option knitted by a parishioner.

We were only too pleased to donate the wrap to the Church so that campaigning to raise awareness of food poverty could go on.  Go and take a look at what's inside and drop off some real food if you can.

Here's the official story.  We've asked the Zombies to be quiet for a while, but can still see them partying at the A6 Crossroads.

This year in the run up to Christmas the KGB members along with Little Bird SOS supported CASE and Tomorrow Together to collect food and other items in support of food banks across Leicester.  At least 10 hampers of food have been collected and will be distributed to local families in need this Christmas.  The KGB Agents managed to rustle up the above box full of food between them.  It was dropped off yesterday and received much appreciation and gratefulness.  Thank you.

Anyway, the original plan was to transform the KGB Beetlejuice tree so that it not only raised smiles within the local community, but also raises awareness of food poverty at Christmas.  It’s worrying that every day people in the UK go hungry. The rising costs of food and fuel combined with static income, unemployment and changes to benefits are forcing people to approach food banks for help.  Food banks provide emergency food, signposting and support in times of crisis and about a third of the people who receive the food are children.  Sadly, Leicester has seen a growing need for food banks from families and individuals living on the bread line.

Would you like to help?  Please go to http://www.fareshare.org.uk/ to find out more.  It may also be possible to leave food at the Birstall Methodist Church - we'll update you on that but the message is to give by whatever means appeal to you.

The main need is for essential food items such as pasta, rice, sugar, tea, coffee, breakfast cereals and soup.  Toiletry items such as soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes are also welcome.

Heartfelt thanks to the Birstall Methodist Church for taking in the Christmas Dinner Tree and allowing us to continue to raise awareness of this serious but simple need.

Merry Christmas from the Knitting Guerillas of Blighty (nee Birstall).

3 December 2013

The Beetlejuice Tree: A photographic extravaganza

So...who's missing the tree?  We know that some hard-hearted Birstall Blighters are probably doing little jiggy dances as the glorious black and white cover has GONE.  Can we have our cover back please?  On the good side though, we now have Parish Council provided dying trees clamped to our shop fronts, which are adorned with electricity glugging twinkly lights, perhaps powered by this glorious new wind turbine*.  None of which will distract any passing vehicles at all - oh no.

The weeks sillyness meant that our charitable Christmas yarnstorm, in aid of local Foodbank, has not yet happened as the black and white tree cover is simply not there to be transformed.  Trout Mask has been spent far too much time answering the most unfriendly emails but has nearly sorted out Plan B.  Meanwhile, The KGB will do an initial collection within their group tomorrow so that hungry families do not have crummies in their tummies this Christmas.

But - we don't want you to be worried or sad.  KGB agents are made of strong stuff and we have received some fabulous support from some wonderful people.  Thank you.  We will ride again.  We still hope to still arrange a food collection and raise awareness of food poverty, even amongst waged people, so that the world will be just that little bit better after all.

So, relax my dears, and enjoy these photos, taken by Trudie and Alanta from DeMontfort University, Leicester.  It was great of them to come along to document the process of the Yarnstorm and treat us to their photographic skills.  We hope that they perhaps took something away that will help them in their studies.  With a bit of luck, you'll see more from them, as Alanta is doing work experience with our erstwhile supporter, Little Bird SOS.  If you'd like to gain the skills to join the KGB in future fun, then Little Bird SOS is the place to go.

So - feast your eyes!

© Trudy Cleaver
© Trudy Cleaver
© Trudy Cleaver
© Alanta Lee

© Trudy Cleaver
© Trudy Cleaver

© Trudy Cleaver

© Trudy Cleaver

© Alanta Lee
(c) Alanta Lee

© Alanta Lee

© Trudy Cleaver

© Trudy Cleaver

© Trudy Cleaver

© Trudy Cleaver

© Trudy Cleaver

© Trudy Cleaver

© Trudy Cleaver

© Trudy Cleaver
© Trudy Cleaver
© Trudy Cleaver
© Trudy Cleaver

© Trudy Cleaver
© Trudy Cleaver

© Trudy Cleaver

© Trudy Cleaver

© Trudy Cleaver
© Alanta Lee
© Trudy Cleaver
© Trudy Cleaver
*For the record, we love wind turbines.

Alanta Lee and Trudy Cleaver documented the process but cannot be held responsible for this installation.  That's the pesky KGB, so please be nothing but nice to the photographers.

26 November 2013

Celebrating Halloween & Zombie Culture with a Beetlejuice Yarnstorm

We hope you've seen and enjoyed the interactive Halloween Tree, which has stayed on to celebrate the UK festival of Zombie Culture which take place in Leicester each year.
Real ladybirds and spiders have moved in!

A vast number of local Secret KGB Agents turned out to raise smiles, and we'd like to thank each and every one of them for their efforts in banding together as a group, sharing their skills and time and raising smiles!

Agents who attended the installation of the yarn bomb were:

Grace Quirrel
Light pollution frenzy!
Toothless Witchfairy
Knitting Wren
Blue Beard
Do Do
Pixel Whiskers
Shutter Bug
Green Mermain
Fuggy mug

And those that contributed but couldn't make it
for the installation:
Just some of the amazing details

Trout Mask
Blow your Horn
Dizzy Donut

We also had a couple of student photographers with us on work experience.  Look out for a special post full of their photos very soon.

So....long live the KGB!

Or will they?

A zombie gathering...missing the late bus
Institutionalised grumbles and rumbles aim to wipe the smiles from our faces...and from yours.  Children will no longer wonder at the unusual and adults will no longer have their their day brightened, just for the sheer joyous hell of it, if some folk have their way.

Can the KGB continue to operate in Birstall or will this friendly band of smile raisers be forced to seek out new communities, whose hearts and minds are still open to the simple joy of seeing something just a little bit different and SMILING.

Watch this space and please consider showing your support by sharing this post.

Thank you

Trout Mask, KGB

Next misson: Mission Christmas Dinner

18 November 2013

Zombie congregation - the Groom's side

This little lot are still celebrating in the branches of a tree on the A6.  Nip over and see them while you can!  A new mission will be along soon...who knows if they're going to stay around for the next stage?

Watch out too for photos from the evening reception - back from the KGB's darkroom any minute!

In the meantime, Zombies have families too, even is they're a little, erm...bitey.  Meet the Groom's side:

This is the groom's best mate, Fenton, and the seemingly obvious choice for the best man.  However, he'd have had the ring posted to Sell-us-yer-Gold on the way to the church, so he's an usher.  It's the only way that they could have both the ring AND Fenton in a decent suit too.

The Groom's Grandma.  She doesn't actually know quite why she's here as she can't remember him.  She thinks Dale Winton is a nice lad though.
Samantha is the groom's best female friend from college.  She'd never marry him though as this means sharing her life with Fenton as well. That's just too awful to contemplate.

Barbara has met Fenton, but misguidely thinks that he'll be off the scene once they're married.

She's wrong.

Another grim Uncle.  This one is called Edgar.  Both he and the Bride's Uncle Mick will bond over tales of lost prosthetic noses and then pass out.

Cousin Clyde doesn't speak. He doesn't even smell, which is odd for a zombie.  I just can't think of anything else to tell you about him.

Let's move on.

Budgieboy has a real name but looks like a budgie.  No one can quite get past this.  So it goes.

Elvira.  Now, it's not well known but zombie do have children.  This is what a proud zombie mother looks like.
And this is Godfrey, proud zombie Dad.  He doesn't look tired.  He isn't.  This is one advantage of being a zombie already.

And this is their offspring!  Bubblegum is five months old.  She's really lovely, but already bites the heads off all her dolls.

And then there's the person in the congregation that no one seems to know, but everyone is to embarrassed to admit this and just hopes that the day will pass without incident...